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Photo by Jaclyn Jacobs

University of Central Oklahoma 

Director/Choreographer: Steven Smeltzer

Stage Manager: Katy Sullivan

Scenic Design: Kristy Benson

Costume Design: Alyssa Couturier

Lighting Design: Carson Decker


I generated the Shift Plot for this production, while my two assistant stage managers completed the props tracking and entrance and exit plot. 

An excerpt of my blocking notes from the number "Greased Lightnin'" Each page of the script has a blocking sheet opposite of it where blocking is notated and the placement is noted in the script by the placement of each circled number. 

An excerpt from my calling script. I generated a clean copy of the script for this production, which I then inserted the director's cuts, changes and additions into. I placed all cues into my script digitally for this production. 

Calling "Greased Lightnin'" 10/5/2019

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