As a stage manager, the most important thing to me has always been ensuring that the production has everything from me that it needs to be successful. The most important facets of my stage management are efficiency, detail and camaraderie. To be an efficient stage manager I need to be organized. I need to keep my notes, paperwork, schedules, and even my thoughts organized. If someone has a question I want to be able to quickly find the right resources to find their answer. Anticipating the needs of the production and its cast and crew also aids in efficiency. Anything from having paperwork ready for the director before they need it to the best way to communicate with the cast can be anticipated, and will lend to making everything efficient.


Detail is another facet of my stage management that is important to me. I have always seen the big picture, but I have learned that the details of a production must come together to be successful. I try to be as thorough and detail oriented as possible in my show paperwork, which will prevent issues with clarity further down the line. Having the ability to create a sense of camaraderie between the members of a production team and cast is also very important to me as a stage manager. I strive to be someone that people feel comfortable approaching with their questions about the production, while still maintaining respect.  Creating an environment where the cast and crew feel welcome and can trust each other, as well as me, will ensure that the show can run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. 

Photo by Stefanie Anderson